rwlock.c File Reference
#include "abti.h"
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int ABT_rwlock_create (ABT_rwlock *newrwlock)
 Create a new rwlock ABT_rwlock_create creates a new rwlock object and returns its handle through newrwlock. If an error occurs in this routine, a non-zero error code will be returned and newrwlock will be set to ABT_RWLOCK_NULL. More...
int ABT_rwlock_free (ABT_rwlock *rwlock)
 Free the rwlock object. More...
int ABT_rwlock_rdlock (ABT_rwlock rwlock)
 Lock the rwlock as a reader. More...
int ABT_rwlock_wrlock (ABT_rwlock rwlock)
 Lock the rwlock as a writer. More...
int ABT_rwlock_unlock (ABT_rwlock rwlock)
 Unlock the rwlock. More...