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Data Fields
pthread_sync Struct Reference
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Data Fields

pthread_mutex_t mutex
pthread_cond_t cond
struct pthread_syncp_next
struct pthread_syncp_prev
ABTD_atomic_int val

Detailed Description

Definition at line 73 of file abtd_futex.c.

Field Documentation

◆ cond

pthread_cond_t pthread_sync::cond

Definition at line 75 of file abtd_futex.c.

◆ mutex

pthread_mutex_t pthread_sync::mutex

Definition at line 74 of file abtd_futex.c.

◆ p_next

struct pthread_sync* pthread_sync::p_next

Definition at line 76 of file abtd_futex.c.

◆ p_prev

struct pthread_sync* pthread_sync::p_prev

Definition at line 77 of file abtd_futex.c.

◆ val

ABTD_atomic_int pthread_sync::val

Definition at line 78 of file abtd_futex.c.

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