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thread_attr.c File Reference
#include "abti.h"
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static void thread_attr_set_stack (ABTI_global *p_global, ABTI_thread_attr *p_attr, void *stackaddr, size_t stacksize)
int ABT_thread_attr_create (ABT_thread_attr *newattr)
 Create a new ULT attribute. More...
int ABT_thread_attr_free (ABT_thread_attr *attr)
 Free a ULT attribute. More...
int ABT_thread_attr_set_stack (ABT_thread_attr attr, void *stackaddr, size_t stacksize)
 Set stack attributes in a ULT attribute. More...
int ABT_thread_attr_get_stack (ABT_thread_attr attr, void **stackaddr, size_t *stacksize)
 Get stack attributes from a ULT attribute. More...
int ABT_thread_attr_set_stacksize (ABT_thread_attr attr, size_t stacksize)
 Set stack size in a ULT attribute. More...
int ABT_thread_attr_get_stacksize (ABT_thread_attr attr, size_t *stacksize)
 Get the stack size from a ULT attribute. More...
int ABT_thread_attr_set_callback (ABT_thread_attr attr, void(*cb_func)(ABT_thread thread, void *cb_arg), void *cb_arg)
 Set a callback function and its argument in a ULT attribute. More...
int ABT_thread_attr_set_migratable (ABT_thread_attr attr, ABT_bool is_migratable)
 Set the ULT's migratability in a ULT attribute. More...

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static void thread_attr_set_stack ( ABTI_global *  p_global,
ABTI_thread_attr *  p_attr,
void *  stackaddr,
size_t  stacksize 

Definition at line 435 of file thread_attr.c.