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Data Fields
ABTI_sched Struct Reference

#include <abti.h>

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Data Fields

ABTI_sched_used used
ABT_bool automatic
ABTI_sched_kind kind
ABT_sched_type type
ABTD_atomic_uint32 request
int num_pools
void * data
ABT_sched_init_fn init
ABT_sched_run_fn run
ABT_sched_free_fn free
ABT_sched_get_migr_pool_fn get_migr_pool

Detailed Description

Definition at line 259 of file abti.h.

Field Documentation

ABT_bool ABTI_sched::automatic
void* ABTI_sched::data
ABT_sched_free_fn ABTI_sched::free

Definition at line 273 of file abti.h.

Referenced by ABTI_sched_free(), and sched_create().

ABT_sched_get_migr_pool_fn ABTI_sched::get_migr_pool

Definition at line 274 of file abti.h.

Referenced by ABTI_sched_get_migration_pool(), and sched_create().

ABT_sched_init_fn ABTI_sched::init

Definition at line 271 of file abti.h.

Referenced by sched_create().

ABTI_sched_kind ABTI_sched::kind

Definition at line 262 of file abti.h.

Referenced by ABTI_sched_print(), and sched_create().

int ABTI_sched::num_pools
ABTI_ythread* ABTI_sched::p_ythread
ABT_pool* ABTI_sched::pools
ABTD_atomic_uint32 ABTI_sched::request
ABT_sched_run_fn ABTI_sched::run

Definition at line 272 of file abti.h.

Referenced by ABTI_ythread_create_sched(), sched_create(), and thread_main_sched_func().

ABT_sched_type ABTI_sched::type
ABTI_sched_used ABTI_sched::used

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