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int ABT_error_get_str (int err, char *str, size_t *len)
 Get the string of error code and its length. More...

Detailed Description

This group is for error classes.

Function Documentation

int ABT_error_get_str ( int  err,
char *  str,
size_t *  len 

Get the string of error code and its length.

ABT_error_get_str returns the string of given error code through str and its length in bytes via len. If str is NULL, only len is returned. If str is not NULL, it should have enough space to save len bytes of characters. If len is NULL, len is ignored.

[in]errerror code
[out]strerror string
[out]lenthe length of string in bytes
Error code
Return values
ABT_SUCCESSon success

Definition at line 27 of file error.c.