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key.c File Reference
#include "abti.h"
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int ABT_key_create (void(*destructor)(void *value), ABT_key *newkey)
 Create an WU-specific data key. More...
int ABT_key_free (ABT_key *key)
 Free an WU-specific data key. More...
int ABT_key_set (ABT_key key, void *value)
 Associate a value with the key. More...
int ABT_key_get (ABT_key key, void **value)
 Get the value associated with the key. More...
void ABTI_ktable_free (ABTI_local *p_local, ABTI_ktable *p_ktable)


static ABTD_atomic_uint32 g_key_id

Function Documentation

void ABTI_ktable_free ( ABTI_local p_local,
ABTI_ktable p_ktable 

Definition at line 139 of file key.c.

Referenced by thread_free(), and ythread_create().

Variable Documentation

ABTD_atomic_uint32 g_key_id
Initial value:
#define ABTI_KEY_ID_END_
Definition: abti_key.h:49
Definition: abtd_atomic.h:51

Definition at line 13 of file key.c.