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abtd_ythread.c File Reference
#include "abti.h"
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void ABTD_ythread_func_wrapper (ABTD_ythread_context *p_arg)
void ABTD_ythread_print_context (ABTI_ythread *p_ythread, FILE *p_os, int indent)

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◆ ABTD_ythread_func_wrapper()

void ABTD_ythread_func_wrapper ( ABTD_ythread_context p_arg)

Definition at line 8 of file abtd_ythread.c.

Referenced by ABTD_ucontext_wrapper(), and ABTD_ythread_context_func_wrapper().

◆ ABTD_ythread_print_context()

void ABTD_ythread_print_context ( ABTI_ythread p_ythread,
FILE *  p_os,
int  indent 

Definition at line 18 of file abtd_ythread.c.

Referenced by ABTI_ythread_print_stack().