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cond.c File Reference
#include "abti.h"
#include <sys/time.h>
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static double convert_timespec_to_sec (const struct timespec *p_ts)
static void remove_thread (ABTI_cond *p_cond, ABTI_thread *p_thread)
int ABT_cond_create (ABT_cond *newcond)
 Create a new condition variable. More...
int ABT_cond_free (ABT_cond *cond)
 Free the condition variable. More...
int ABT_cond_wait (ABT_cond cond, ABT_mutex mutex)
 Wait on the condition. More...
int ABT_cond_timedwait (ABT_cond cond, ABT_mutex mutex, const struct timespec *abstime)
 Wait on the condition. More...
int ABT_cond_signal (ABT_cond cond)
 Signal a condition. More...
int ABT_cond_broadcast (ABT_cond cond)
 Broadcast a condition. More...

Function Documentation

static double convert_timespec_to_sec ( const struct timespec *  p_ts)

Definition at line 274 of file cond.c.

Referenced by ABT_cond_timedwait().

static void remove_thread ( ABTI_cond p_cond,
ABTI_thread p_thread 

Definition at line 281 of file cond.c.

Referenced by ABT_cond_timedwait().