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tool.c File Reference
#include "abti.h"
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static ABTU_ret_err int tool_query (ABTI_tool_context *p_tctx, ABT_tool_query_kind query_kind, void *val)
int ABT_tool_register_thread_callback (ABT_tool_thread_callback_fn cb_func, uint64_t event_mask, void *user_arg)
 Register a callback function for work-unit events. More...
int ABT_tool_query_thread (ABT_tool_context context, uint64_t event, ABT_tool_query_kind query_kind, void *val)
 Query information associated with a work-unit event. More...

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static ABTU_ret_err int tool_query ( ABTI_tool_context *  p_tctx,
ABT_tool_query_kind  query_kind,
void *  val 

Definition at line 259 of file tool.c.

Referenced by ABT_tool_query_thread().