mutex.c File Reference
#include "abti.h"
#include "abti_thread_htable.h"
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int ABT_mutex_create (ABT_mutex *newmutex)
 Create a new mutex. More...
int ABT_mutex_create_with_attr (ABT_mutex_attr attr, ABT_mutex *newmutex)
 Create a new mutex with attributes. More...
int ABT_mutex_free (ABT_mutex *mutex)
 Free the mutex object. More...
int ABT_mutex_lock (ABT_mutex mutex)
 Lock the mutex. More...
int ABT_mutex_lock_low (ABT_mutex mutex)
 Lock the mutex with low priority. More...
int ABT_mutex_lock_high (ABT_mutex mutex)
int ABT_mutex_trylock (ABT_mutex mutex)
 Attempt to lock a mutex without blocking. More...
int ABT_mutex_spinlock (ABT_mutex mutex)
 Lock the mutex without context switch. More...
int ABT_mutex_unlock (ABT_mutex mutex)
 Unlock the mutex. More...
int ABT_mutex_unlock_se (ABT_mutex mutex)
 Hand over the mutex within the ES. More...
int ABT_mutex_unlock_de (ABT_mutex mutex)
int ABT_mutex_equal (ABT_mutex mutex1, ABT_mutex mutex2, ABT_bool *result)
 Compare two mutex handles for equality. More...

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int ABT_mutex_lock_high ( ABT_mutex  mutex)

Definition at line 312 of file mutex.c.

int ABT_mutex_unlock_de ( ABT_mutex  mutex)

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