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Work Unit


int ABT_unit_set_associated_pool (ABT_unit unit, ABT_pool pool)
 Set the associated pool for the target work unit. More...

Detailed Description

This group is for work units.

Function Documentation

int ABT_unit_set_associated_pool ( ABT_unit  unit,
ABT_pool  pool 

Set the associated pool for the target work unit.

ABT_unit_set_associated_pool() changes the associated pool of the target work unit unit, such as ULT or tasklet, to pool. This routine must be called after unit is popped from its original associated pool (i.e., unit must not be inside any pool), which is the pool where unit was residing in.

[in]unithandle to the work unit
[in]poolhandle to the pool
Error code
Return values
ABT_SUCCESSon success

Definition at line 27 of file unit.c.