timer.c File Reference
#include "abti.h"
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static ABTU_ret_err int timer_alloc (ABTI_timer **pp_newtimer)
double ABT_get_wtime (void)
 Get elapsed wall clock time. More...
int ABT_timer_create (ABT_timer *newtimer)
 Create a new timer. More...
int ABT_timer_dup (ABT_timer timer, ABT_timer *newtimer)
 Duplicate a timer. More...
int ABT_timer_free (ABT_timer *timer)
 Free a timer. More...
int ABT_timer_start (ABT_timer timer)
 Start a timer. More...
int ABT_timer_stop (ABT_timer timer)
 Stop a timer. More...
int ABT_timer_read (ABT_timer timer, double *secs)
 Read the elapsed time of the timer. More...
int ABT_timer_stop_and_read (ABT_timer timer, double *secs)
 Stop a timer and read an elapsed time of a timer. More...
int ABT_timer_stop_and_add (ABT_timer timer, double *secs)
 Stop a timer and add an elapsed time of a timer. More...
int ABT_timer_get_overhead (double *overhead)
 Obtain an overhead time of using ABT_timer. More...

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◆ timer_alloc()

static ABTU_ret_err int timer_alloc ( ABTI_timer **  pp_newtimer)

Definition at line 384 of file timer.c.

Referenced by ABT_timer_create(), and ABT_timer_dup().