Data Fields
ABTI_pool Struct Reference

#include <abti.h>

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Data Fields

ABT_pool_access access
ABT_bool automatic
ABT_bool is_builtin
ABTD_atomic_int32 num_scheds
ABTD_atomic_int32 num_blocked
void * data
uint64_t id
ABT_unit_is_in_pool_fn u_is_in_pool
ABT_unit_create_from_thread_fn u_create_from_thread
ABT_unit_free_fn u_free
ABT_pool_init_fn p_init
ABT_pool_get_size_fn p_get_size
ABT_pool_push_fn p_push
ABT_pool_pop_fn p_pop
ABT_pool_pop_wait_fn p_pop_wait
ABT_pool_pop_timedwait_fn p_pop_timedwait
ABT_pool_remove_fn p_remove
ABT_pool_free_fn p_free
ABT_pool_print_all_fn p_print_all

Detailed Description

Definition at line 327 of file abti.h.

Field Documentation

◆ access

ABT_pool_access ABTI_pool::access

◆ automatic

ABT_bool ABTI_pool::automatic

Definition at line 329 of file abti.h.

Referenced by ABTI_sched_free().

◆ data

void* ABTI_pool::data

◆ id

uint64_t ABTI_pool::id

◆ is_builtin

ABT_bool ABTI_pool::is_builtin

◆ num_blocked

ABTD_atomic_int32 ABTI_pool::num_blocked

◆ num_scheds

ABTD_atomic_int32 ABTI_pool::num_scheds

Definition at line 332 of file abti.h.

Referenced by ABTI_pool_release(), ABTI_pool_retain(), and ABTI_sched_get_effective_size().

◆ p_free

ABT_pool_free_fn ABTI_pool::p_free

Definition at line 350 of file abti.h.

Referenced by ABTI_pool_free().

◆ p_get_size

ABT_pool_get_size_fn ABTI_pool::p_get_size

Definition at line 344 of file abti.h.

Referenced by ABTI_pool_get_size().

◆ p_init

ABT_pool_init_fn ABTI_pool::p_init

Definition at line 343 of file abti.h.

◆ p_pop

ABT_pool_pop_fn ABTI_pool::p_pop

Definition at line 346 of file abti.h.

Referenced by ABTI_pool_pop().

◆ p_pop_timedwait

ABT_pool_pop_timedwait_fn ABTI_pool::p_pop_timedwait

Definition at line 348 of file abti.h.

Referenced by ABT_pool_pop_timedwait(), ABTI_pool_pop_timedwait(), and sched_run().

◆ p_pop_wait

ABT_pool_pop_wait_fn ABTI_pool::p_pop_wait

Definition at line 347 of file abti.h.

Referenced by ABT_pool_pop_wait(), ABTI_pool_pop_wait(), and sched_run().

◆ p_print_all

ABT_pool_print_all_fn ABTI_pool::p_print_all

Definition at line 351 of file abti.h.

Referenced by ABT_pool_print_all().

◆ p_push

ABT_pool_push_fn ABTI_pool::p_push

Definition at line 345 of file abti.h.

Referenced by ABTI_pool_push().

◆ p_remove

ABT_pool_remove_fn ABTI_pool::p_remove

Definition at line 349 of file abti.h.

Referenced by ABT_pool_remove(), and ABTI_pool_remove().

◆ u_create_from_thread

ABT_unit_create_from_thread_fn ABTI_pool::u_create_from_thread

◆ u_free

ABT_unit_free_fn ABTI_pool::u_free

◆ u_is_in_pool

ABT_unit_is_in_pool_fn ABTI_pool::u_is_in_pool

Definition at line 338 of file abti.h.

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