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Public Member Functions | Data Fields
ABTI_xstream Struct Reference

#include <abti.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ABTU_align_member_var (ABT_CONFIG_STATIC_CACHELINE_SIZE) ABTI_thread *p_thread

Data Fields

int rank
ABTI_xstream_type type
ABTD_atomic_int state
ABTD_xstream_context ctx
ABTI_mem_pool_local_pool mem_pool_stack
ABTI_mem_pool_local_pool mem_pool_desc

Detailed Description

Definition at line 273 of file abti.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ABTU_align_member_var()

ABTI_xstream::ABTU_align_member_var ( ABT_CONFIG_STATIC_CACHELINE_SIZE  )

Field Documentation

◆ ctx

ABTD_xstream_context ABTI_xstream::ctx

Definition at line 283 of file abti.h.

Referenced by ABT_xstream_revive(), and ABT_xstream_set_rank().

◆ mem_pool_desc

ABTI_mem_pool_local_pool ABTI_xstream::mem_pool_desc

Definition at line 294 of file abti.h.

Referenced by ABTI_mem_alloc_desc(), ABTI_mem_free_desc(), and ABTI_mem_free_nythread().

◆ mem_pool_stack

ABTI_mem_pool_local_pool ABTI_xstream::mem_pool_stack

Definition at line 293 of file abti.h.

Referenced by ABTI_mem_alloc_ythread_default(), and ABTI_mem_free_thread().

◆ p_main_sched

ABTI_sched* ABTI_xstream::p_main_sched

◆ p_next

ABTI_xstream* ABTI_xstream::p_next

◆ p_prev

ABTI_xstream* ABTI_xstream::p_prev

Definition at line 275 of file abti.h.

◆ p_root_pool

ABTI_pool* ABTI_xstream::p_root_pool

Definition at line 287 of file abti.h.

Referenced by ABT_xstream_revive(), and ABTI_ythread_create_main_sched().

◆ p_root_ythread

ABTI_ythread* ABTI_xstream::p_root_ythread

Definition at line 286 of file abti.h.

◆ rank

int ABTI_xstream::rank

◆ state

ABTD_atomic_int ABTI_xstream::state

Definition at line 280 of file abti.h.

Referenced by ABT_xstream_revive().

◆ type

ABTI_xstream_type ABTI_xstream::type

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