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abti_sched.h File Reference
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#define CNT_DECL(c)
#define CNT_INIT(c, v)
#define CNT_INC(c)
#define SCHED_SLEEP(c, t)


static ABTI_schedABTI_sched_get_ptr (ABT_sched sched)
static ABT_sched ABTI_sched_get_handle (ABTI_sched *p_sched)
static void ABTI_sched_discard_and_free (ABTI_global *p_global, ABTI_local *p_local, ABTI_sched *p_sched, ABT_bool force_free)
static void ABTI_sched_set_request (ABTI_sched *p_sched, uint32_t req)
static void ABTI_sched_unset_request (ABTI_sched *p_sched, uint32_t req)

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#define CNT_DECL (   c)

Definition at line 78 of file abti_sched.h.


#define CNT_INC (   c)

Definition at line 80 of file abti_sched.h.


#define CNT_INIT (   c,

Definition at line 79 of file abti_sched.h.


#define SCHED_SLEEP (   c,

Definition at line 81 of file abti_sched.h.

Function Documentation

◆ ABTI_sched_discard_and_free()

static void ABTI_sched_discard_and_free ( ABTI_global p_global,
ABTI_local p_local,
ABTI_sched p_sched,
ABT_bool  force_free 

Definition at line 43 of file abti_sched.h.

◆ ABTI_sched_get_handle()

static ABT_sched ABTI_sched_get_handle ( ABTI_sched p_sched)

◆ ABTI_sched_get_ptr()

static ABTI_sched* ABTI_sched_get_ptr ( ABT_sched  sched)

◆ ABTI_sched_set_request()

static void ABTI_sched_set_request ( ABTI_sched p_sched,
uint32_t  req 

◆ ABTI_sched_unset_request()

static void ABTI_sched_unset_request ( ABTI_sched p_sched,
uint32_t  req 

Definition at line 65 of file abti_sched.h.